How to modify Text Format in translated Image using Editor

Design System

This tutorial video shows how to use our Editor to fine-tune text formats for translated images.

Manual fine-tuning is necessary because AI image translation cannot achieve 100% accuracy in translating and recognizing text formats within images. Additionally, different languages have their own preferences for font family, size, text direction, and more, which can only be determined through manual adjustments.

Our Editor offers a range of features to enhance the quality of translated images:

  • Easily change the position, size, line height, and text direction of the text.
  • Customize the font by selecting the font family, size, color, weight, and applying styles such as italic or underline. - Adjust the text and background colors to suit your preferences. - Align the text to the left, center, or right for optimal presentation.
  • Restore any translations that may have been inaccurately translated, such as Brand Logos or domain-specific terms, by partially reverting them to the original text.
  • Save your workspace to preserve your editing progress for future modifications.
  • Download your final modifications as PNG files directly to your local storage. What you see in the Editor is exactly what you'll get in the final images.

Experience the power of our Editor and create visually appealing and accurately translated images with ease.

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