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99% Artificial Intelligence & 1% Manual Refinement to Create High Quality Translation Images
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Core Features


Text Auto

Use Latest AI-based OCR Technology to Auto Recognize Texts in the Image

Smooth Background Inpainting

Remove Original Texts and Inpaint Image Background Smoothly

Accurate Translation

Call Up-to-date Google Translation API to convert texts into 130+ Languages

Flexible Image Text Editor

Easy to adjust Text and Format Manually, 100% Customization Support

Write Back

After translation and optimization, Text will be written back into image.

Translated Image

Download the translated Image in original size and format

Essential Features


Recognize and Translate

Recognize all texts in Image and auto translate into 130+ different languages.
  • Powered by Google OCR & Translation Algorithm.
  • 99% Accuracy saves you lots of efforts.
  • 130+ Source and Target Language Support, English、Hindi、Arabic、Chinese、Japanese、Korean、Spanish、Russian、Urdu、French、Tamil...
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Erase Original Texts and Seamlessly Restore Background

Smoothly Fill the holes left by removing original texts.

World-class Deep Learning Models make the impainted background images look realistic.

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Superior Image Text Editor

Machine Translation can't be 100% accurate, the system offers you a full-featured image text editor to correct translation finely.

  • Automatically Match Original Formatting: Customize Text Size, Color, Fonts, and Position as Desired.
  • Option to preserve parts of original texts like Brand Name.
  • Tailor Translations to be adapted to your specific Field Requirements.
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Why our customers love

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As a senior software solution architect, I rely on this translator to convert design architecture diagrams into local languages worldwide. It's both accurate and user-friendly.
John Brayden
Chief Architect of Achme Inc.
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Seamlessly translating advertisements and product images while retaining their original formats has produced visually impressive outcomes. We are undoubtedly eager to maintain our subscription.
Arlene McCoy
Manager of Miro
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As a startup with numerous images in our product manuals, this software has significantly reduced the time and cost involved in translating those images into various languages for international markets. I highly recommend using this efficient and high-quality solution.
Ralph Edwards
Founder of Brilex

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